Growing Minds!
Green Future!

Growing Minds!
Green Future!

Invest in the Future

Green Square Farming is a mobile vertical farm education program that teaches elementary school students about science, sustainability, food, and farming.


Elementary schools provide a stimulating and supportive environment for a child’s development. However, school boards and private schools are working with restrictive budgets. This limits the capacity of teachers to create innovative lesson plans for subjects like science, sustainability, and agriculture.

Today, schools are stuck with their standard one-day field trip to the farm which no one is happy with. Administrators are stuck with coordinating the logistics, parents do not want their children to leave school, and the teachers spend the entire day supervising hyperactive children.

Children lose out on this valuable learning time because most of it is spent travelling and socializing.

We are Green Square Farming!

Our mobile vertical farm teaches elementary school students about science and sustainable farming without all the extra logistical work.

We provide students with a great learning opportunity by bringing the farm to the school! Children plant seedlings, schedule feeding, record farming data and their procedures. In the end, they get to eat what they plant! (with supervision) We also make the school’s life easier by removing the logistical nightmare of coordinating and managing a day trip to the farm. This saves private schools and school boards time and helps them stay within their budget. Most important, our curriculum ties into the school’s recently revamped science curriculum.

We know that introducing these concepts at an early age will ignite an interest in solving Canada’s future challenges!


Sezim Chotieva, CEO of Green Square Farming

Sezim Chotieva

Chief Executive Officer

Sezim is an entrepreneur and an educator with a passion for sustainable farming practices. She has over a decade of experience empowering children to reach their potential. She leads a team of eight teachers in instructing English language courses. Sezim annually volunteers with her high school students on Earth Day to collect trash and recyclable materials from the town streets. Sezim’s work with children earned her the “Excellence in Education” award from the Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan. She holds a Bachelor of Simultaneous Translation from the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University in Kyrgyzstan.